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Just like I mentioned in my last post, I found another gem last monday when doing map-hopping – The Historical Rosemount Plantation.

Landing at the garden gate, you can immediately see the beautiful stone carvings on the walls and the amazing cast iron work on the gate itself.

Front gate

I usually take a look at the “About land” just in case the places have specific rules, like RP or dress codes, and here is what was written:

Historic Rosemount Plantation is a 19 room, 1832 Southern Antebellum plantation located in Forkland, Alabama and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the US Department of the Interior. Built by Ethan Westland as his home in SL.

Rosemount Manor

Curious as I am, I talked to my friend Google, who knows everything, and I got the wiki page of the plantation. The manor looks exactly like the real one and Mr. Ethan Westland has made a great job. I didn’t enter the house, since it was private, but I started walking down the road among beautiful trees dressed in red and orange.

Autumn path

At the end of the path there was this little chapel with amazing stained glass windows and near by a small graveyard, not a spooky one, no worries.

Rosemount Church

I was starting to get hungry and feeling a bit tired of all the walking so I went to the apple trees nearby and decided to call it out for the day with an apple and some rest.


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Yesterday I was feeling like exploring so I decided to do some map hopping. I always find it very funny and some times I end up finding some gems.

After some “You’re not allowed to teleport to that destination”, some ban lines and quite badly decorated areas I found 2 great spots.

I will show you first the Lost Paradise of Natadola. A beautiful tropical island, with waterfalls, secluded cuddling spots and a beautiful underwater scenery for scuba diving or to bring out the mermaid inside you (or that mermaid tail in your inventory that hardly sees the underwater light 😉 )

Here are some pictures, but take your better half or explore alone. The place is really beautiful.

As for the other place, keep an eye here and will follow soon.

(touch the pics for better view)

Natadola  The guardiansBy the waterfall Scuba diving

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How many times are we walking on the street and we cross paths with people without seeing them? Rebeca Bashly takes the invisible people theme and does this amazing art installation at La Citta Perduta, with a skillfull  texturization of human figures that blend in perfectly in the city landscape.

Walking around the city, entering every building and trying to find all of the 21 sculptures was a lot of fun although I will have to go back, since I spent sometime goofing around and I didn’t find them all (missing 5).

Goofing around

It may take you some time to get the right angle of each figure and some are not easy to spot, but be sure not to miss it. The whole island is beautifully build and if you find all of the 21 sculptures and send their pictures to Rebeca (in SL, Flickr or email to invisible.people@live.com) she will offer you one sculpture, how great is that?

I won’t disclose all I have found (what fun would that be?) but leave you here three so you can have a glimpse of what to expect.

Hopscotch Gate Keeper Can you see me

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I have been wanting to do this since monday but RL has been quite busy this week and only now could I seat and write it down.

So this is one of the monday memes from Strawberry Singh. Here go the rules and my answers:

Meme Instructions: Copy and paste the questions and answers below, delete my answers and input your own. The twist is, the final question you need to change and make up your own best & worst that you want to share. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments.

  1. Best thing about Second Life: People
    Worst thing about Second Life: People
  2. Best thing in your inventory: A praise to my job as a mentor sent to me by one of the former Lindens back when I was in the official Mentor group
    Worst thing in your inventory: A folder with 2006 “beautiful” freebies which I never deleted (God nows why lol).
  3. Best earliest SL memory: Earning my first Linden after 5 minutes scrubbing the floor
    Worst earliest SL memory: Being stuck in a place (which I know now was a store) with no doors and not being able to get out of there. Finally got a tp I don’t know from whom and landed in the middle of an orgy. I never pressed the quit button so quickly hehehe
  4. Best thing you learned because of SL: To overcome my fear of speaking in front of an audience
    Worst thing you learned because of SL: That people behind their screens show the worse of themselves just because they can.
  5. Best thing about blogging: This is a tough one. I would say just because it is fun and I enjoy it
    Worst thing about blogging: Not having time to keep up with all the blogs I really enjoy reading
  6. Best thing to have with french toast: cinnamon and brown sugar
    Worst thing to have with french toast: Mustard
  7. Best thing about photography: having an excuse to explore all the beautiful places SL has to offer
    Worst thing about photography: Crashing every 20 minutes if graphics are on Ultra

Best & Worst Meme

What I’m wearing:

Hair: .:EMO-tions…*SUGAR* hair – black group gift

Jewelry: :: PM :: Bubble Necklace & Earrings in Orange

Clothing: :::Sn@tch Angelique Baroque Latex Pants (Orange-P):::

:::Sn@tch Skyler Mini Dress (Orange-Med):::

Shoulder Pet: !Ohmai : Steampunk Albino Squirrel available at Collabor 88

Picture taken at Poussin

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Tonight I had just logged in when Annie Brightstar sent me an IM asking if I knew ArtEdLand and a SURL to go with it. How can anyone resist a TP from Annie? Not me for sure 😉

Landing in a dark room, I see the sign announcing the opening of the new art installation of Nexuno Thespian for Saturday, November 16 at 1PM SLT at Eduland.

I wish I could put in words what I felt looking around, first the surprise of a dark room with some fire figures on one side and on the other an amazing sculpture in a mix of ice and fire.

Sun dancersImpossible love

The beauty of the images is striking and it has been a while since I felt the wow factor in Second Life, but little did I know that this was only the beginning.

Nexuno Thespian is known to enjoy himself (and others) colouring the environment, like those of you who saw Dr. Moreau Seaworld at LEA6 this year sure remember, and this installation is one of the best I have seen lately.

Looking around I see this arrow pointing to a painting on the black wall

Sun to Moon-Entrance

Walking on the lightning bolts I entered the painting and felt immediately overwhelmed by a wave of heat, figures dancing covered in flames, a strange and involving landscape of fire, keys scattered along the way, a flower up in the air calling “Fly with me”… and far in the distance a key hole. Can it be that the keys show the way to the heart? A heart kept by the moon, beating for the sun? Will you reach the heart of the moon?

Find the path The heart of the moon

This installation, inspired by the song “Sun to Moon” from the musical Miss Saygon, tells a story of an impossible love and the ambience in both rooms (sun and moon) will for sure awake emotions in anyone who visits. I will return on saturday for sure.

PS: Thanks to Myhn who showed me the way to the moon 🙂

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Although in my home town we are still having quite nice weather, with blue skies and warm Autumn sun, in Second Life the Winter scenes are again starting to emerge.

I really like snow and in RL I don’t have that many opportunities to see and feel it. Most of my friends, who endure snow for almost half of the year, tell me I am a lucky girl but I would love to have a white Christmas one of these years.

I saw Cait’s post in her blog and decided to gather my usual victims friends and headed to some fun in the snow at Izzie’s. And glad we did, not only the main store has great stuff but the place is beautifully landscaped.

So grab your winter gear and your pocket L$ and go and take a look. It will be worth your time.

Hello kitty Let it snow Under the bridge

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The Coral Dance performance named Time Encounters, which celebrated Portugal and Brazil similarities and differences, was filmed by Janjii Rugani. Leave you here the machinima.

Hope you like it as much as we did.

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Burn2 has ended, but the installations are still there until the end of next week, so if you didn’t go yet, grab the taxi and enjoy 🙂

Reach for the clouds Giraff love Crystal ball Green man Stage performance Identity crisis Scary forest

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