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I was going through Flickr and Facebook fashion groups and started to notice some weird fashion trend, which I just can’t understand. It has been on for some time but it seems to be increasing.

Why is it that these very cute avatars, both male and female, are now changing their shape and, when standing, the space between their legs looks like the entrance of a train tunnel (no pun intended)? I really find it unnatural and quite creepy as well as those BIG hips and tiny waists that usually come along with the tunnel.

I ended up logging in and before starting the new POE hunt I headed to Gizza and got me this gorgeous outfit (I love the textures and design) that fits my nice shaped bottom perfectly 😉

Now back to the hunt… more than two hundred stores await. Will probably make some posts later on about the pretty things I find. Till then take care and happy shopping.

(click the pics for better view)

Giza Glam Fever 1

Gizza Glam Fever 2

What I’m wearing:

Outfit: Gizza Glam Fever – comes complete with all shown in the pics including boots (mesh), plus earrings, sun glasses and clutch

Hair: Snow Kitty in chocolate,  >Truth< last year’s Christmas gift

The set was rezzed above my Gallery and it is called Tranquility Island from The Strawberry Box

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Last Saturday, after having a great lunch with some friends I went to get some groceries. TPs were broken in RL as usual, so I had to walk all the way and glad I did.

As I approached the supermarket, this great scent to fresh baked cakes came to meet me. Although my neighborhood is not that big, I seldom walk that street so I was quite surprised to look at this shop window (once a flower shop) and see 4 shelves full of trays with cookies. Amazing thing was that the description was both in English and Portuguese.

I couldn’t resist and had to get in and ask for a cup of coffee and a cookie. The gentleman behind the counter was struggling to speak Portuguese so i started chatting in English. And this was how I found out that America had landed in Lisbon.

Karl’s cookies straight from Frisco (San Francisco, CA) 3 blocks from my place. The cookies are just delicious, melting in your mouth and they have all types of flavours, from peanut butter and lemon chocolate chips to beer and wasabi (how weird is that?).

Yesterday I couldn’t go there, so I decided to bake some in SL. I must tell you that they were nothing compared to Karl’s, so I will go back today after work and get me a baker’s dozen, just in case I will miss my daily visit 😉

Making cookies2 Making cookies 1

PS: In no time I will have to visit Weight Watchers. Those cookies are irresistible


:: PM :: Lily Top in Sienna and :: PM ::Skinny Jeans in Orange [MESH] from the Halloween hunt going on at PurpleMoon

Skin: :: Exodi :: Sienna Nuit – Poker Face (no longer available)

Hair: W&Y HAIR41 (store is gone)

Pictures taken at LEA19-The Portuguese Way

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Since Linden Lab changed the new ToS, specially the famous article 2.3 which grants them total rights over everyone’s works, we have been watching a lot of people abandoning their land and some of them even abandoning Second Life.

When I started to understand how SL worked, back in the days, I always thought that whatever I created there, what I bought or got offered would never be mine, since LL could pull the plug at anytime and all would be lost. So the sense of possession was never really in my thoughts and instead decided to start taking pictures of the things I liked ephemeral as they might be.

I always respected everyone’s copyrights. I don’t make downloads of music and movies, I try not to use any type of materials without checking first the copyrights and always mentioning the source when I do it. All artists/creators must have the credits for their works.

Is LL respecting this with the new 2.3? Well in my humble opinion, and in a quite simplistic view, yes and no. Yes because they state that you keep your copyrights on your own work and no because they kind of share the copyrights with you and will not ask you if you mind your things being used in some other way.

May be the terms in which was written do not translate the intention and the again may be it does… who knows? The thing is that if you want to stay in SL you have to abide to their terms, which brings me to the initial intent of this post: to leave or not to leave.

In my almost 7 years as a resident (time does fly) I have seen a lot of changes in this lovely world of ours, friends going, new friends coming, the news in RL media saying SL is dead and the “Does that still exist?” In comments all over the web and now this.

And people are (again) leaving. But where to go? There is a bunch of other worlds out there waiting for you but they definitely aren’t Second Life.

I tried Twinity, OSGrid and Inworldz all of them lacking what I cherish the most in Second Life: people! Friends and friends to be, new cultures, new experiences. All those worlds Winter visited are like the Sahara, big deserts with more or less good builds and landscapes with one on occasion Bedouin.

I do like to explore alone in Second Life, specially if i am out and about to take pics, since it is not fair to any one seeing me in the middle of a sim for 1 hour or more, caming around for nice angles and trying windlight settings one after the other, but socializing is still my main reason for being inworld for this long. It is all about sharing, sharing knowledge, sharing experiences, sharing feelings, sharing laughter

And that is why that all those poor Winter Wardhanis in those other worlds are resting in some server somewhere. After all if you are alone, better be sleeping right?

Starway to heaven



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