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I use the CtrAlT Studio Viewer, which is apparently a lighter version of FireStorm with all the good FS features. Good thing is I only crash 2 times per session, instead of the usual 10 in FS lol.

However, when I logged in yesterday I was a beautiful cloud and, after waiting a couple of minutes without rezzing, decided to log out and clear cache, which I haven’t done for months.

When I logged back in, inventory was not loading so I sat on the balcony at home and fell asleep.


Finally inventory loaded and with new energy I headed to Frisland. After getting my backpack (free at landing point in men and women versions and 2 colours each) and hiring a bike I pedaled away to check the place.


The sim is beautiful, full of little cozy corners and lots of new four-legged friends to meet. The foxes showed me the way to the waterfall and after hanging with them for a bit, I waved goodbye and went to check the rest of the island.

New friends Waterfall

Peaceful living

When I was trying to head south, following the weathervane, I crashed, but I will return to Frisland to discover more hidden corners.

Heading South

What I am wearing:
New release from Gizza Fall Outfit IV (including ankle boots, shades and purse)
Hair from Kletva (store closed)

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I was going through Flickr and Facebook fashion groups and started to notice some weird fashion trend, which I just can’t understand. It has been on for some time but it seems to be increasing.

Why is it that these very cute avatars, both male and female, are now changing their shape and, when standing, the space between their legs looks like the entrance of a train tunnel (no pun intended)? I really find it unnatural and quite creepy as well as those BIG hips and tiny waists that usually come along with the tunnel.

I ended up logging in and before starting the new POE hunt I headed to Gizza and got me this gorgeous outfit (I love the textures and design) that fits my nice shaped bottom perfectly 😉

Now back to the hunt… more than two hundred stores await. Will probably make some posts later on about the pretty things I find. Till then take care and happy shopping.

(click the pics for better view)

Giza Glam Fever 1

Gizza Glam Fever 2

What I’m wearing:

Outfit: Gizza Glam Fever – comes complete with all shown in the pics including boots (mesh), plus earrings, sun glasses and clutch

Hair: Snow Kitty in chocolate,  >Truth< last year’s Christmas gift

The set was rezzed above my Gallery and it is called Tranquility Island from The Strawberry Box

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