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On Friday, after the Linden Tour, my good friend Annie Brightstar called me to watch a particle show. Being slightly traumatized by the several previous crashes, I hesitated a bit but ended up taking the taxi to LEA 23, and glad I did!

Venus Adored particle show with music by DJ Sunshine was simply breath-taking.The show spanned across LEA23 and 24 and was hosted by Betty Tureaud & Mandel Solano.

No pictures can translate the beauty of the whole show. Each song had its own theme and we were surrounded by light and music.

If you have a chance to watch the light shows by Venus, please don’t miss it. And if even I didn’t crash in a full SIM with tons of particles, no one will 🙂

Particle Show 3 Particle Show 1 Particle Show Particle Show 2 Particle Show 4

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The Coral Dance performance named Time Encounters, which celebrated Portugal and Brazil similarities and differences, was filmed by Janjii Rugani. Leave you here the machinima.

Hope you like it as much as we did.

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Last Saturday, after having a great lunch with some friends I went to get some groceries. TPs were broken in RL as usual, so I had to walk all the way and glad I did.

As I approached the supermarket, this great scent to fresh baked cakes came to meet me. Although my neighborhood is not that big, I seldom walk that street so I was quite surprised to look at this shop window (once a flower shop) and see 4 shelves full of trays with cookies. Amazing thing was that the description was both in English and Portuguese.

I couldn’t resist and had to get in and ask for a cup of coffee and a cookie. The gentleman behind the counter was struggling to speak Portuguese so i started chatting in English. And this was how I found out that America had landed in Lisbon.

Karl’s cookies straight from Frisco (San Francisco, CA) 3 blocks from my place. The cookies are just delicious, melting in your mouth and they have all types of flavours, from peanut butter and lemon chocolate chips to beer and wasabi (how weird is that?).

Yesterday I couldn’t go there, so I decided to bake some in SL. I must tell you that they were nothing compared to Karl’s, so I will go back today after work and get me a baker’s dozen, just in case I will miss my daily visit 😉

Making cookies2 Making cookies 1

PS: In no time I will have to visit Weight Watchers. Those cookies are irresistible


:: PM :: Lily Top in Sienna and :: PM ::Skinny Jeans in Orange [MESH] from the Halloween hunt going on at PurpleMoon

Skin: :: Exodi :: Sienna Nuit – Poker Face (no longer available)

Hair: W&Y HAIR41 (store is gone)

Pictures taken at LEA19-The Portuguese Way

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We have been having several events at LEA19-The Portuguese Way since its opening in September.

This Saturday, September 26 at 3PM PDT we are having a coral cyber dance performance  in which everyone attending will take part.

All the guests will be provided for the event with a kit of some customizable outfits. Those are dance skins textured with paintings of Janjii’s “Just feelings” RL series. These outfits were conceived not only to reduce lag but also to embed the participants  in the whole environment. In case you wish to have the outfits before the performance, please send me an im inworld and I will send them to you.

In this performance we propose a meeting of avatars for a celebration dance: Portugal and Brazil united to celebrate the rediscovery in an exercise of mixed cultures arising a feeling of belonging through dance, music, language and culture. Of course this is not just for Portuguese speakers, since dance and music are international languages.

The scenery created by Wan Laryukov and Janjii Rugani is embedded in the water which represents that feeling and, at the same time, the Atlantic Ocean which has separated for centuries those two people who admire each other from overseas and that in the virtual reality are joined together in the same sea populated by Wan’s sculptures. These sculptures evoke the avatars’ cyber bodies representing the post human being that we are.

Thus the feelings and mixed cultures are the theme of this coral cyber dance that, inspired in the work of Rudolf Laban, becomes an interactive cyber performance where everyone is invited to participate, being free to choose from the different options and animations available. Each one can choose  to join the HUD of the choreographer Janjii Rugani or the several dance machines scattered through the platform, or even bring their own HUDs since the idea is not to have homogeneous movements but yet their diversity which unites us.

Here is the taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA19/132/146/25

Time encounters

About Laban and Coral Dance

Rudolf Von Laban (1879-1958) was a dancer and choreographer and is considered as one of the most important dance theoreticians of the 20th century. He dedicated his life to the study of the systematization of the movement language in its several facets: creation, notation, appreciation and education.

Laban dedicated himself to dance proposals for the masses, developing the art of coral dance, where a large number of people move together in a simple choreography, allowing dancers and common people to dance together in a collaborative way. This part of his work is closely connected with his personal spiritual believes, based in the Victorian Theosophy, Sufism and Hermeticism, popular by the end of the 19th century.

The expression coral-dance leads us to the early years of the 20th century, when Rudolph Laban, after joining the “Ordo Templi Orientis” in 1914, directed some coral dance rituals on Verita Mountain, Ascona, Switzerland in the year of 1917 at a workshop where his ideas became popular.

More information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laban_Movement_Analysis

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LEA6-Colour Key

I first saw Rebeca Bashly work at UTSA Art Space back in 2011 and marveled with her ice sculptures. Early this year I saw her work The Tower at LEA and once again I loved it. When I heard she had her latest work up and running at LEA6 I headed there and, as usual, it was totally worth it.

The name of the new installation is Colour Key and when you visit be attentive for keys available at each stage because they are the only way to move down the huge building.

I really don’t know what to say about the whole installation except it is amazing and each visitor will have his/her own opinion about the meaning of the key. In Rebeca’s own words “It is all about human nature, breaking your spine to find answers that are under your nose. Explore and discuss, this is a joy to me”

I leave you with some pictures but be sure to visit since it will be opened only until the end of October.

(click the pics for fullscreen view)

LEA6-Colour Key 6 LEA6-Colour Key 5 LEA6-Colour Key 4 LEA6-Colour Key 3 LEA6-Colour Key 2 LEA6-Colour Key 1

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Me and my Team were honoured to see our Portuguese Way project approved for LEA.

LEA19 was build not as a big installation but more like a realistic landscape where you can hang out with your friends and (hopefully) have a lot of fun exploring everything and getting all the info spread around.


Hidden in a cave you will find a totally black maze which will bring to you unexpected feelings. We called it Blindness, based on Saramago’s book with the same title (click on the board above the entrance for a blindfold).


This said we are promoting a photo safari at the SIM so that we can see it through your eyes and here are the rules (nothing too complicated no worries):

1. The Safari will run through the whole month of October.

2. Everyone can join. For news and information please join free the Owl’s Bay Group or send Winter Wardhani an IM

3. The pictures have to be taken at the LEA19 – The Portuguese Way sim

4. The pics cannot be processed outside SL. You can use all the inworld resources for photography (windlight, photo huds and so on)

5. The pictures will be exhibited in November (exact date to be announced) at LEA19 Art Center for two weeks and will then be moved to my Gallery inworld.

6. Participants can send as many pics as they like, FULL PERMS, to Winter Wardhani or by email to theportugueseway.lea19@gmail.com until October 31. We will try to show as much as possible from each participant, in a minimum 2 of pics.

7. Please don’t forget to rename your pic (ex: LEA19 by Avatar Resident – your SL name, not screen name).


By entering the Safari you agree to let your pictures be shown in Second Life and other social media sites, credits duly given to the photographer and just for information on LEA19 activities.

The photos will not be sold or otherwise commercialized by any person or avatar related to the LEA19-The Portuguese Way sim.

Everyone is welcome. Invite your friends and lets have some fun.

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