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For those of you who are recent in SL seeing a Linden Lab representative in world is no more than a myth. However back in the days, it was common to stumble upon them all over the grid.

With Ebbe Altberg on the wheel we now have the Lindens back on the grid and yesterday there was a tour to the new Headquarters of the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW) moles.  “Mole” is the last name of the Linden Lab’s employees in charge of the Public Works in Mainland – road maintenance, public buildings and so forth.

The new Headquarters are in a beautiful sim called Meauxle Bureaux and the Lumiere Building, a creation of Kayle Matzerath for last year’s Fantasy Fair, is simply amazing and a sort of Museum for Second Life.

Meauxle Bureau

I arrived there early, since I wanted to take some pictures before the crowd started to arrive and I started to crash.

The village is amazingly build with lots of little corners and the Moles’ offices/homes open to everyone to look around.

The village


Milli Mole home

Xiola Linden was the first to arrive and gave us a small tour to the main building and, by then, the sim was already full. Other Lindens started to arrive and soon I started to crash (*sigh*). However, being in SL for almost 8 years (my 8th rezzday will be this month on the 25th), I never saw so many Lindens together.

It feels good to see them again in world. Brings this strange feeling that LL still cares for us, a feeling that had been gone for the past 3 years. Take a tour at the place and who knows if you will find “your” Linden too?

Welcome back guys!

(The blue dots and tags are Lindens and Moles, this was the last snap I could take before my computer completely crashed on me)

Linden attack

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