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Per4mances metaLES always has gorgeous art installations that stay on for just 2 months. Now they have Overto Omonto on by the most talented Romy Nayar.

When you first arrive you have a gate-keeper who gives you the information about the story of this lost city and its inhabitants. You can walk (I did), fly or use the vehicle provided once you enter the gate.

Gate keeper

Isolated from each other in a once prosperous city, your purpose will be to bring them together again. For that you have to say to each persona (there are 9 of them) the latin word provided on the note and they will answer back to you with another word. At the end you will have to make a full sentence with the words by the big gate.

The sim is marvelously build and has a great atmosphere, sad, spooky but at the same time beautiful in its own way. Take your time exploring and check the little details. Nothing was left to chance.

(click the pics for larger view)

Letting go

Cat lady Milady Fortune teller Sleeping Blindfolded The End


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