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Owl’s Bay is my little playground just across the bridge from my Gallery. With winter arriving to most parts of the northern hemisphere and having in my RL home town just blue skies and sun most of the time, I decided to bring snow to my little corner.

After getting some winter landscaping done, I move my camera and came face to face with this gorgeous unicorn, probably attracted by the beautiful lake and the little critters scattered all over.


It was not an easy encounter. The poor thing got scared and showed all his power by standing on his hinder legs

First Encounter

After sometime and patience he finally decided I could approach and hug him to seal our new friendship and he told me that he would stay there for as long as I allowed. He was tired of hopping the grid trying to find a home and he felt safe there. I made him swear he would be kind to visitors and let them play with him.


So feel free to drop by, play with him, skate on the lake (free skates available at the shed), dance to the mellow tunes being streamed or just sit on the bridge watching the sunset (mother fox and her cub are harmless).

Mother and son


Unicorn prop by Studio Sidhe
Little Critters: Gacha from Ionic @ Chapter Four (thank you to Love to Decorate for the tip)
Winter Gazebo by United InshCon

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Winter’s coming is all over the Internet. The cold, the snow, the rain, traffic jams, blah blah blah. But also the fun building a snowman, sleighing down hill, skiing and specially the holidays with family and friends.

Being the pen (even the digital one) mightier than the sword, what if both are combined? So here is Winter ready to fight anyone that just sees the bad side of the season. Be ware!

(My friend Annie, who curates Second Life Destinations both on FB and Scoop.It, dared me to do this post. Thank you Annie!! Took some time to get the proper set and poses, but here it is 🙂 )

 Winter's coming 2 Winter's coming

Set: Winter Scene Skybox – MiChiGaNs ShAcK

Outfit: :: PM :: The White Knight Outfit – Chess Inspired – Purple Moon
Hair: Exile Kyanna/arctic
Props & Pose: Blackburns  Medieval Mesh Sword Knife Set with Animations HUD

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I don’t know if it only happens to me, but with the cold weather I am not comfortable in dressing summer clothes and need to feel warm and comfy.

Also the random travels tend to be to winter themed islands and sometimes we discover some gems.

Let it snow! is one of them.

Leave you with a song and some pictures. Stay warm and enjoy.

Winter Merry Goround

Playing in the snow

Cozy shelter

Let it snow

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As promised I will show you today the outfit inside the cow I bought the other day. The name of the outfit from FBD (MOoH!) is Poppies and Leathers and comes both with shirt (shown) and without shirt. All the pieces are in mesh and are really well made and fit perfectly.

Poppies and Leather 1

Poppies and Leather 1

Poppies and Leather 2

Poppies and Leather 2

I took the pictures at this great residential island, now “dressed” for winter, called Silver Bird build by Vita Camino. The cottages, scattered around the island are all different from each other and beautifully decorated. The common grounds are beautifully decorated with hangout and a small playground. If you are looking for a winter hideout this is the place to go.

Take your scarf and mittens and head there. Leave you here some pics I managed to take before I crashed (S-I-X times *sigh*)

Cozy home

Let it snow

Winter scene

What I am wearing:

Outfit – FBD Poppies ‘n Leathers

Hair – .:EMO-tions:. * POLLY * brown-pack

Jewelry – Lazuri La Vie en Rose

Shoes – {RS} Sarah High Heels – Slink Highs with colour changing hud

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Antony Switchblade and Peace Edenflower build Imaginaria. According to their own words “This sim was a labor of love.  Love between two people.  Love that inspired us to imagine a perfect place at this moment in time to nurture it and let it grow.”

And you feel that love in every corner and every detail. The photos don’t translate well enough the wonderful and magical atmosphere of the island.

You have to see for yourselves and while there, snap along and enter the Photo contest running until December 31st. For that send the pics full perms to Antony Switchblade and/or Peace Edenflower or join their Flickr Group.

Frozen lakeWinter pastures Magic garden Shall I bite you The tunnel Flock of seaguls

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In an attempt of joining the Christmas Spirit which seems to have taken over the whole planet, I went to check the North Pole Express of my dear friend Glossom.

Arriving at the Landing point I found myself at a train station and waiting for the train to arrive.

Waiting for the Train

I didn’t have to wait for long and off I went, straight to Santa’s workshop

All aboard

The trip was beautiful, a gorgeous landscape and polar bears looking at me in a friendly way.

Once arrived and having visited Santa’s reindeer, I decided to take a look to the rest of the North Pole.

The stables

Watched a movie at the open air cinema (a RL Christmas movie, which I even hadn’t seen before)

Santa's Cinema

Took a stroll after that and, since I have this weird thing of not following directions, I totally disrespected this sign and… well you go and try it and you’ll see what happens 😉


When I recovered from the accident, I paid a visit to the nice polar bears that were getting themselves a bit warmer by the fire.

Unexpected guests

There is more to be seen, the Santa Village, the ice-skating ring, the small island where you can sit quietly watching the landscape around, the church and so many more things (oh and some gifts scattered all over the sim).

Go and take a look and I assure you a lot of fun and nice opportunities for a good photo shooting (you can rezz there, so take your poses and props if you like)

Merry Christmas to all!

The village

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Second Life has always hunts going on. Although I have made quite a few (both as hunter and as Gallery owner), there is one I never miss since the first – The Peace on Earth Hunt.

Every year I discover new creators and new wonderful places. This time Hanaya-Home and Garden was one of the stores with that wow factor. Not only because of the beautifully made items (mesh and low Land Impact) , but also because of the landscape surrounding the store.

Leave you with some pics (unedited except for signature) and also the picture of the item inside Globe #164.

Hanaya-Winter Landscape  Winter sunsetHello birdieSkating Shack Image

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Although in my home town we are still having quite nice weather, with blue skies and warm Autumn sun, in Second Life the Winter scenes are again starting to emerge.

I really like snow and in RL I don’t have that many opportunities to see and feel it. Most of my friends, who endure snow for almost half of the year, tell me I am a lucky girl but I would love to have a white Christmas one of these years.

I saw Cait’s post in her blog and decided to gather my usual victims friends and headed to some fun in the snow at Izzie’s. And glad we did, not only the main store has great stuff but the place is beautifully landscaped.

So grab your winter gear and your pocket L$ and go and take a look. It will be worth your time.

Hello kitty Let it snow Under the bridge

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