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In a place long forgotten by men, Mother Nature took over and the spirits of the forest can be seen wandering around.


Spirits of the forest

A lighthouse, barely seen among the trees, scatters its light around, letting us see glimpses of what once must have been a beautiful place.

Lonely Watcher

But then you get struck by terrifying sights.


Lonely witnesses of times past can be seen, turned into stone by some old curse. What happened here? What terrible events hide behind those images?

Fading away

Are you brave enough to go there and find out?


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And back to blogging again after a long 9 month period. And no, don’t get any ideas inside your pixel heads, I didn’t have a baby hehehe

Back to blogging and to show you some of the great places you can find in our beloved virtual world. What a better way to start than with the last work of Cica Ghost?

Most of you probably know some of Cica’s works, like Rust, Black and White World, Ghost Ville, Small Village or The Visitors. I find in her works a mix of innocence and wonder and, at the same time, her attention to details, the wonderful textures, the movement and all the ambiance makes you want to stay there forever. She is also a great photographer. You can check her photostream here

Her new build, Little Town, is no exception. Even if you run Second Life on low graphics you can still see the beauty of the place.

The first two pictures were taken on low graphics and with region windlight default so you can see how it looks. All the others are also raw from SL (windlight preset “Bristol”).

Are you still there? Log in and get to Little Town. It will be worth it!

Snapshot_078 Snapshot_077 Snapshot_070 Snapshot_064 Snapshot_063 Snapshot_073


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Early this month a collaborative art installation opened at MIC Imagin@rium. It features works from 25 SL artists and also involves a real-life cross-over with the Il Margutta Gallery in Rome.

This installation is based on the work of Elina Chauvet, a RL Mexican artist  who started the Zapatos Rojos project in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico back in 2009. The number of women being murdered and disappearing led her to this project. When asked why red shoes in an interview, she answered that while she was researching stories she found a common thread – shoes. “Several of the missing young women worked in shoe stores, were on their way to find work in a shoe shop, or were going shopping for shoes. This similarity caught my attention.”, she states.

The installation in Second Life is organised in a way that you can focus on each work of each artist without distractions so you can absorb the whole message. If you have some time to spare do go and take a look at this amazing art exhibition. It will be on until January 7th, so you still have a couple of weeks to go and visit.

The artists participating in this project are: Alpha Auer, Blue Tsuki, Cica Ghost, Daniele Daco Monday, Giorgio Mayo, Giovanna Cerise, Kicca Igaly, La Baroque, Lookatmy Back, Maddomxc Umino, Merlino Mayo, Mila Tatham, Mitaki Slade, Myyns Mayo, Nessuno Myoo, Nexuno Thespian, Nino Vichan, Paola Mills, Rubin Mayo, Sniper Siemens, Solkide Auer, Swina Allen, Violetta Inglewood, Viviana Houston  and Mexi Lane owner of MIC Imagin@rium.

Trapped Love is another thing InprisonedRed Shoes  un tango passato

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How many times are we walking on the street and we cross paths with people without seeing them? Rebeca Bashly takes the invisible people theme and does this amazing art installation at La Citta Perduta, with a skillfull  texturization of human figures that blend in perfectly in the city landscape.

Walking around the city, entering every building and trying to find all of the 21 sculptures was a lot of fun although I will have to go back, since I spent sometime goofing around and I didn’t find them all (missing 5).

Goofing around

It may take you some time to get the right angle of each figure and some are not easy to spot, but be sure not to miss it. The whole island is beautifully build and if you find all of the 21 sculptures and send their pictures to Rebeca (in SL, Flickr or email to invisible.people@live.com) she will offer you one sculpture, how great is that?

I won’t disclose all I have found (what fun would that be?) but leave you here three so you can have a glimpse of what to expect.

Hopscotch Gate Keeper Can you see me

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Tonight I had just logged in when Annie Brightstar sent me an IM asking if I knew ArtEdLand and a SURL to go with it. How can anyone resist a TP from Annie? Not me for sure 😉

Landing in a dark room, I see the sign announcing the opening of the new art installation of Nexuno Thespian for Saturday, November 16 at 1PM SLT at Eduland.

I wish I could put in words what I felt looking around, first the surprise of a dark room with some fire figures on one side and on the other an amazing sculpture in a mix of ice and fire.

Sun dancersImpossible love

The beauty of the images is striking and it has been a while since I felt the wow factor in Second Life, but little did I know that this was only the beginning.

Nexuno Thespian is known to enjoy himself (and others) colouring the environment, like those of you who saw Dr. Moreau Seaworld at LEA6 this year sure remember, and this installation is one of the best I have seen lately.

Looking around I see this arrow pointing to a painting on the black wall

Sun to Moon-Entrance

Walking on the lightning bolts I entered the painting and felt immediately overwhelmed by a wave of heat, figures dancing covered in flames, a strange and involving landscape of fire, keys scattered along the way, a flower up in the air calling “Fly with me”… and far in the distance a key hole. Can it be that the keys show the way to the heart? A heart kept by the moon, beating for the sun? Will you reach the heart of the moon?

Find the path The heart of the moon

This installation, inspired by the song “Sun to Moon” from the musical Miss Saygon, tells a story of an impossible love and the ambience in both rooms (sun and moon) will for sure awake emotions in anyone who visits. I will return on saturday for sure.

PS: Thanks to Myhn who showed me the way to the moon 🙂

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Per4mances metaLES always has gorgeous art installations that stay on for just 2 months. Now they have Overto Omonto on by the most talented Romy Nayar.

When you first arrive you have a gate-keeper who gives you the information about the story of this lost city and its inhabitants. You can walk (I did), fly or use the vehicle provided once you enter the gate.

Gate keeper

Isolated from each other in a once prosperous city, your purpose will be to bring them together again. For that you have to say to each persona (there are 9 of them) the latin word provided on the note and they will answer back to you with another word. At the end you will have to make a full sentence with the words by the big gate.

The sim is marvelously build and has a great atmosphere, sad, spooky but at the same time beautiful in its own way. Take your time exploring and check the little details. Nothing was left to chance.

(click the pics for larger view)

Letting go

Cat lady Milady Fortune teller Sleeping Blindfolded The End

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